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Berkeley, CA

Teaching Methods

At The Joy of Learning, I offer personalized reading, writing, and math instruction to help students become confident and skilled learners. I use a variety of research based approaches and cater to the needs of the individual student. Some of these methods include: 

  • The Orton-Gillingham Based Reading program, All About Reading

  • Reading instruction in comprehension skills, phonics, fluency, and vocabulary

  • Handwriting Without Tears

  • Writing using the 6 traits model and writing workshop model

  • Visually and conceptually based math instruction using Bridges, Singapore Math, or your child's math curriculum. 

Tutoring for Dyslexia

An effective reading program for students with Dyslexia includes a highly structured sequence of lessons that systematically takes students through all the relevant concepts and skills. In contrast to more traditional methods, it helps students learn by engaging all of the senses - especially movement, touch, sight, and sound. It is also highly individualized to meet the student at their exact level. The first program to use these methods was called Orton- Gillingham. These days, there are several equally effective programs that have been modeled after it.  At the Joy of Reading, I primarily use a research based curriculum grounded in the Orton-Gillingham Method called All About Reading, which is designed to be engaging and effective for both students with Dyslexia and traditional learners. As needed, I can also incorporate other methods, and teach related literacy skills such as handwriting and spelling. With proper instruction, all students can learn to read and write!